Reaching Hands

T.W.O.T.E >Bonds Thought that I would not be able to come out of this hole, for I have fallen many times, with each fall the wound becomes deep, and the spikes at the end of the hole pierce through my body as it captures my soul and decimates my body. Each time I get closer, … Continue reading Reaching Hands

The Choice is Yours !

My weary body cannot take any more damage. I am a wreck. My soul is beginning to fade with every cruelty that it experiences, thought that if I endured the pain I would become powerful, but it was too much for my vessel and its inhabitant. Every step I walk I could feel my body … Continue reading The Choice is Yours !

Addressing The Problem

T.W.O.T.E Chapter 100 - Repentance  Tiredness and emptiness, am I missing something? Have I lost in this game of life, or am I just down the wrong path? Wondering as to where I shall end up, overthinking the circumstances, trying grasp every possible outcome; however neither of what I grasp occur, except for a few … Continue reading Addressing The Problem

Stuck In The Past

Sometimes the past can be so cruel that it never leaves you in peace. Trying to move on with your life, but every time you try to get past the emotions and feelings, and move on, life reminds you of what has happened, or rather yourself reminds your pathetic soul that you are not good … Continue reading Stuck In The Past


Held captive, knows nothing about the real world other than from what he reads from the newspapers that are provided to him daily, and the only people that he ever interacted with were the two wardens that were in charge of keeping him from experiencing life for his own. Decisions were made for him; they … Continue reading A HITCH


For this soul everything has changed so fast, as it grew wiser, everyone started to manipulate and use it to satisfy their selfish needs, but when it came to helping the poor soul no one is to be found, a helping hand seemed to be far from reality. Even though it knew the deeds that … Continue reading Grief…!


Pacing back and forth, thinking about myself and why am I the one who must tolerate their actions, afraid to lose them even though they have already lost me. Tracing my steps back to the point where it has started and what I saw is something that I cannot forgive myself for.   As my … Continue reading I’M AWARE !

T.W.O.T.E -Restless Mind !

What I want seems far from reachable; peace of mind never comes easy, with the mind that I have, for it is so loud and unstable. Thoughts flowing rapidly, making me mumble, a lot of them have labeled me with words, which is far from the truth. It is unsettling, if only they knew what … Continue reading T.W.O.T.E -Restless Mind !