Does it still work ?

The Eternal Herd

Ignorance is still among those who try to conform, portraying the perfect herd of sheep. Even though each of them was gifted unique characteristics they tend to compare themselves to their peers, forgetting their own uniqueness; and so they try harder and harder to change themselves into something that they are not meant to be, … Continue reading The Eternal Herd

Entities Of A Vessel

Imagine the loss of something or someone that you really love and care about; it can be really hard to cope and move on. Trying to resolve, but finding the solution can be really difficult, for it requires great sacrifice. Moving on is not as easy as everyone thinks; it is the exact opposite. Meaning … Continue reading Entities Of A Vessel

Bloody Daggers

Wandering around through nature, seeking its beauty. The soul isn’t fulfilled by the cruelty of mankind; their destruction and pollution are sickening, I'm retreating to the untouched island of the first human. The first land from which the humans spread like an epidemic disease without laying hands on its infrastructure as if it’s protected, worded … Continue reading Bloody Daggers

Kindness, is it still a thing?

This looks familiar, the seals are broken, the cycle has started; the curse has been unleashed. I don’t understand haven’t I moved on? I am doing it again, falling into a wormhole of events that I already lived; the soul is shivering and the heart is squeaking for it was a hardship that requires sacrifice … Continue reading Kindness, is it still a thing?

Over The Edge

Broken, yet again. How can I live with this, I cannot take it anymore. As pathetic as it sounds the miserable man who has seen nothing but misery since the moment he opened his eyes on this doomed planet we know as earth. Continued murmuring as he picked up the pieces of his shattered life … Continue reading Over The Edge

The Fallen Nation

Based on Experiment #1 by the scientist that goes by the name of Soul. 4 years have passed, chances were presented to all fallen creatures, yet the results have not changed drastically. It is the same, no matter what you do, you will always be disappointed, for most of the creatures share the same spirit … Continue reading The Fallen Nation

The Pit

Here I am once again distracted from the final goal, events that forces me to postpone my dreams and life. Forced to leave my self, my true identity and soul in order to please them creatures. We live in a world of sadness, living by the principles of a herd, following instead of creating our … Continue reading The Pit

Lessons From The Past

The rain washed the pain away, and the days helped in forgetting the sadness. When the sun rises and the heart is filled with hope, and you are able to move on, this is the true strength.   An event so cruel that could ruin your life, if you were not strong. The sadness from … Continue reading Lessons From The Past

The Chase 

They have been watching, following me where ever I go, throwing their chains at me thinking that this act will stop me. I have been on the path, chasing the dreams, meeting new friends along the way. Although it is never easy to reach your destination, which in my case is the final goal, but … Continue reading The Chase