Reaching Hands

T.W.O.T.E >Bonds Thought that I would not be able to come out of this hole, for I have fallen many times, with each fall the wound becomes deep, and the spikes at the end of the hole pierce through my body as it captures my soul and decimates my body. Each time I get closer, … Continue reading Reaching Hands

The Choice is Yours !

My weary body cannot take any more damage. I am a wreck. My soul is beginning to fade with every cruelty that it experiences, thought that if I endured the pain I would become powerful, but it was too much for my vessel and its inhabitant. Every step I walk I could feel my body … Continue reading The Choice is Yours !

The Curse Of The Righteous

I’m leaving you all behind, the righteous man screamed with despair. Where are you headed, the creatures spoke, with a tone of compassion, that was recognized by the righteous man as a joke, for they are devious and can be deceivable. Packing all his belongings into a bag and dashed towards the horizon, without any … Continue reading The Curse Of The Righteous


T.W.O.T.E Chapter: 1214161718 What is trust? How can one be so stupid, for the repetition of the same sin towards my soul, is wearing me down? Is it simply because of the nature of my heart, that I would think good of everyone, or is it desperation? Another quest shall be taken in order to … Continue reading Closure

The End Of Darkness

T.W.O.T.E Now that I have severed all bonds; for it is a torture to witness their cruelty. Wandering around peacefully along the endless road of life, shockingly not waiting for the end, but rather looking forward to the future that awaits. In my healing process, I have begun meditating to understand life better and to … Continue reading The End Of Darkness

Soul, Monster and I

We all have a monster within our bodies, some of which are trapped behind our souls, observing, waiting to regain its strength from the cruel creatures to break free and unleash its full potential. On the other hand, some of us were able to tame these vulgar creatures that are sharing our vessel. The weak … Continue reading Soul, Monster and I

Addressing The Problem

T.W.O.T.E Chapter 100 - Repentance  Tiredness and emptiness, am I missing something? Have I lost in this game of life, or am I just down the wrong path? Wondering as to where I shall end up, overthinking the circumstances, trying grasp every possible outcome; however neither of what I grasp occur, except for a few … Continue reading Addressing The Problem

Stupidity !

TWOTE Chapter 40  Who am I, to judge. I am no longer in the position to ask why, and based on what assumptions are they targeting there cruelty upon me for. In silence I walk away, no matter what the situation is I remain silent; no words can possibly portray the contents of my heart. … Continue reading Stupidity !

Regret !

Nervousness, shivering, and unable to bear this pressure that is cycling around me, containing me in loops of sadness and confusion. Confused as to what I will be, and whether there is a chance for me to climb out of this one. As everybody left, and the feeling of loneliness started to consume his heart, … Continue reading Regret !

One’s Soul

Life is an adventure, so do not sign yourself up for a planned life, where everyone copies the past generation’s life; therefore, traveling in a paved path. If you put it simply they are basically copycats. Experience life for who you are not for who they think you are. Wander, with your mind and body … Continue reading One’s Soul