Held captive, knows nothing about the real world other than from what he reads from the newspapers that are provided to him daily, and the only people that he ever interacted with were the two wardens that were in charge of keeping him from experiencing life for his own. Decisions were made for him; they … Continue reading A HITCH

Who Are They ? Monsters

Once upon a time, in a land far away from where beasts lived among the humans, and where the witches and demons are being burnt, a kid lost his soul. Trenched by the poisonous thoughts of his clan "humans". The kid grew up not knowing what is there for him on this earth, been manipulated … Continue reading Who Are They ? Monsters

Weary !

I don't know what has happened; it happened so fast. I have changed a lot; I'm no longer the guy you used to know me. Everything seems different, scared of them all, for now, I can see through their souls. The chains that restrained the darkness in me has torn apart unleashing every bit of … Continue reading Weary !


For this soul everything has changed so fast, as it grew wiser, everyone started to manipulate and use it to satisfy their selfish needs, but when it came to helping the poor soul no one is to be found, a helping hand seemed to be far from reality. Even though it knew the deeds that … Continue reading Grief…!

No More !

The Journal Chapter 666 I salvaged myself from the darkness thinking that there is something out there for me, trying to reach out to me, hoping that it will find its way to me. The darkness that I contained myself in, for the harsh, cruel creatures have stabbed me, so many times that I no … Continue reading No More !

A Shameful Century

The wanderer continued his journey through the path seeking the final goal when he stumbled upon a man who was betrayed and tortured by the cruelty of the creatures that have set aside their differences and joined forces to rule this dark age. Tired from his long ongoing journey, the wanderer fell on the muddy … Continue reading A Shameful Century

Death Awaits….!

T.W.O.T.E - Writings From The Past Chapter 10 Confused and depressed, wandering on earth searching for clues. Not sure whether it is my soul that I have lost in the days where I was a captive in my darkness or whether it is my purpose in life. Not sure what I want nor what I … Continue reading Death Awaits….!


Pacing back and forth, thinking about myself and why am I the one who must tolerate their actions, afraid to lose them even though they have already lost me. Tracing my steps back to the point where it has started and what I saw is something that I cannot forgive myself for.   As my … Continue reading I’M AWARE !

T.W.O.T.E -Restless Mind !

What I want seems far from reachable; peace of mind never comes easy, with the mind that I have, for it is so loud and unstable. Thoughts flowing rapidly, making me mumble, a lot of them have labeled me with words, which is far from the truth. It is unsettling, if only they knew what … Continue reading T.W.O.T.E -Restless Mind !

Oh Mind, Can You Please Rest !

When the sunsets and the night crawl in, it is a phenomenal experience to those who have a mind that never rests. To some, it is the time to rest and relax, while for the few of us out there who cannot control the flow of their thoughts it means that the wicked yet magnificent process … Continue reading Oh Mind, Can You Please Rest !