The Future…If There Is One.

Part ?

Xyma was informed about the arrows direction, and so he took his map from 100 B.C and placed it on his table and he carefully drew the arrows that appeared on their respective sites on the map with the pen of the beasts, in shock Xyma smirked and started laughing hysterically and mumbled that it was true. Later that day he ordered me to take a cruise and gave me the coordinates on an old sheet of paper.

I was lost in my own thoughts as to why would Xyma handed over the coordinates to me, was he suspecting something, did I slip? Soon I got lost into my head, anxiety took over, as I continue to question everything around me. I have arrived to the port, the cruise and the air around it seems uncanny. I got on the cruise and it sailed specifically to where the two waters don’t mix, where the ones salty and the other is sweet, we continued on the line where the waters don’t mix until we found a little island filled with greenery, I can tell that no humans have ever set foot on this island as it lacks the human’s touch, mainly destruction. I have asked the captain to throw the anchor, to investigate this island. As I got on the dinghy, and they sailors have lowered me to the ocean, I rode it to the island.

As I got closer to the shore, there seems to be an invisible wall or a barrier I felt on my body as I reached the beach. Now that I am on the island, I said to myself that the plan must go on, however, it is in need of great alterations. Forgot about the ship the plan, I lost focus because of the beauty of the island and its rare plants that seem to be alive, like those insect eating plants but bigger, I have searched the island and there is no logic to what I am currently experiencing, the mind controls the island or that is what I thought when I fell and a stupid thought crossed my mind that what if there was a pit instead of the thorns from the plants, and soon I found myself trapped in a hole.

Then I thought of rain filling up the pit, and it did, and finally I got out of that pit, sure it took me a few hours to try and control my thoughts, so that my thoughts would not cast me into oblivion. As I walked into the pathway that am not sure if it was there before, a green path shoots from the island tip of the island towards horizon.

Walking towards the horizon sure seems nice, when knowing that the ship has vanished and your plan to save the earth has collapsed. Strings of light from the sunset slowly fading as I walk away from the island and into the darkness of 3, as the ocean swept me off the path and into the ocean, falling, oh no, I am drowning. Floating, descending into the bottom of the ocean, as I remembered about the pressure and how my lungs are going to be crushed if I continue to descend…..

The End

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