The Future…If There Is One.

Part 1

The apocalypse is upon us. The pandemic has wiped out the weak humans, whilst the other humans fought the battle of survival along with the beasts. This is not the typical apocalypse you would expect from reading books, or watching movies, this is different, a deadly yet slow destruction.

In 2030, humans were able to conquer the galaxies, taking planets as their own land, each country trying to take as much inhabitable planets as they can. They have also destroyed every mountain on planet earth, searching for the unknown element that grants great knowledge and power based on ancient stories and legends. The legend was long forgotten until someone from the underworld who managed to grasp the knowledge from a traveler who does not reside in the underworld yet passes the globe, and escaped back to earth.

With the great knowledge in his hands, he was able to infiltrate the mankind easily, and manipulate them into doing what he desires without questions, all for a favor, depending on the one of humans weaknesses. Xyma was able to befriend all the powerful people around the world, the right people, in order for his plan to be fruitful.

Xyma ordered the 7 people that are now in debt to him to destroy the specific mountains he chose from around the globe and dig a deep hole in its place until their machines can no longer reach. He gave each one of them instructions, different from one another depending on the time the hole shall growl. America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and two other locations in the intersection of Europe and Asia, these were the places that pinpointed the location of the unknown element. Each hole will growl but the duration of the growl varies, and each one of them accomplished their task perfectly and now to they are all to throw a lit match into the whole in order to find the location of the unknown element. Each hole imprinted an arrow on the ground beside the whole. The Seven’s job has not come to an end, yet.

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