Touch Down

Once there was a kid who didn’t know better, he lived his life one day at a time, thinking only about the moment, neglecting or rather not ignoring tomorrow. He lived doing everything that comes to his mind, not thinking of the consequences, charging towards the unknown happily with a tiniest bit worry on his mind, he was fearless. Everyday is a new beginning, a new chance for another adventure, he came across a lot of people through his adventures, although they were from different parts of the country, they have a common a feature that unites them all as being humans.

The young man continued in his path for years, until he realized that everything seems familiar, as though he is reliving the past, panicked and scared from what he just realized the young man ran across the fields and hid in his camp. The young man finally calmed down and started to wonder as to why he is reliving his past, there must be a reason, there must be something that he is missed that is causing his life to stop from progressing. Therefore, he began to retrace his steps using his scriptures and found out the despicable thing that caused all this mess.

The young man engraved on the ground, signs from out of this world and numbers to mark his presence on earth, and then he fell asleep while thinking about tomorrow. In the morning, the young man woke up feeling different, changed, its not a new beginning, its the continuation of a long lost book “The Story of His Life”.


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