Prince of Hell

Opening the shades, and as the sunlight brightens the room, he couldnt help but notice the abandoned journals under the table, scattered and unorganized. Annoyed and itching to clean it, yet he procrastinated and walked out of the room and into the dark long corridor. As he walks down the corridor he greets his snake and slides down the stairs entering the mini farm that he built. He wears his gloves for he will start to feed the animals, but the animals stayed put which is weird and he got closer to investigate, the goat spoke an unknown language and metamorphosed into a human body with hooves for hands and a head of a goat.

He ran into the kitchen grabbed the emergency kit and climbed the stairs and fled to his room. Panicking and scared for the devil has come to collect the debt, he sealed the doors with zodiac signs and barricaded the doors and windows with salt. There ought be a way out said the man to himself, as he goes through the journals, he came across the date 6/6/06.

That date refers to the day that he sold his soul to the devil for something that he desires, but he couldnt seem to remember what it was. He digged deeper through the journals and as the night crawled in and the moon turned red, he knew that he is doomed and so he let the devil in, surredering, but the devil was scared and stood in shock for the hell hounds are protecting his victim and the devil ran away for the new ruler of hell has awakened

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