An Epidemic

The world is shivering, imbecile creatures are still ignoring the statistics, the truth therefore has been concealed from their eyes. The world is off balance, war is threatening our existence, and so it is a matter of decades until we will be no more.

The war has made it impossible for the ill to survive, no medicine is available, the producing companies have banned international trade, and so the less fortunate countries are left to treat the sick with natural remedies. They have been cut off from the rest of the world, and so slowly they have become one with history as they now refrain from using any technology. On the other part of the world, where war has first emerged, the entire population has been wiped clean. Their oceans, rivers, and lakes have turned red, and the animals have been slaughtered without any reason, therefore that part of the world is uninhabitable.

War, as it reigns havoc upon the humans, it opened the doors for its successor to come into play, and therefore, act two has begun. As hunger attacked the entire human race, and terrorized them, the humans have become more greedy thereby dividing themselves into two groups. The strong shall sacrifice the weak for the greater good as they claimed, in order to sustain life, cannibalism was their solution to survive. As they paved the road for the knight of death, polluted air, filth everywhere you turn, and so there began an epidemic across the entire world.

The knight of death riding his horse, you can hear the neigh of the horse from any part of the world, and feel the black omen in the air as the knight descends to harvest the humans, as their roles have ended.

“There is Still Hope”

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