The Damned

In a new decade the wanderer returns, and takes off where he left off. The journal was lost, or rather destroyed by himself, because of the unbareable memories. So he decided to record the journey in the places that they have occured in, and so the man retraced his steps back to where it all began to mark the places in order, the darkness. However, not knowing that his return shall doom his soul, not just the memories, every single misdeed shall leave a mark upon his body. When the eyes will shut, the souls shall cometh and feed upon the wicked.

The wanderer arrived, the darkness welcomed with joy, and upon passing through the huge gate, he felt the air on his body is different, he felt this feeling before, its fimiliar to him, yet he cant seem to recognise it. As he walked down the path of darkness, he felt as though the earth is pulling him down, his foot began to feel heavy, as it digs the earth imprinting his footsteps while heading towards the edge of the mounatin where the cliff house lies above the ocean of death. As the distance decreased between the house and wanderer, the air started to return back to normal. He entered the cliff house and soon he felt safe again, and as his eyes came across the book shelf of the damned and he soon remembered why he recognised the feeling of the air, and what shall happen to him when he marks the darkness and leaves.

Embracing the consequences the wanderer leaves the cliff house and walks towards the gate of his doom, remembering all the pain and memories and now the punishment shall occur for his weak soul shall suffer for eternity.

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