“In order to change something in your life, you should start with yourself first”

Events repeating, feeling nostalgic, the cruel creatures have emerged once again to haunt thy righteous soul. Acknowledge the truth, thy predictions were true, wake up, for the sake of thy righteousness, thee must end the cycle once and for all. Who dares wake me from my slumber, the shadow has spoken, piercing through thy heart, taking over the vessel. The shadow burnt with anger, black flames spreading over the world, breaking the masks, ending the play that has been playing for ages. The Shadow spoke again, this time addressing the cruel creatures, thy roles have ended, show me thy true spirit. Everything will change for thou, the shadow told thy righteousness, thou will be able to see their spirits, the cruel creatures cannot hide nor pretend anymore, for thy eyes have witnessed it all.

There Began The Truths That Were Ignored……..

{The Journal 1}

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