The Strings

In the middle of the cloth, I felt light headed, as the strings from the pinboard grabbed me. I blacked out for a while, but before I did, they said that I should be awake for it. Well, that made me feel better, sarcastically mumbling ” I look forward to it.”

Everything must be balanced correctly…

After I woke up, I noticed that I was on the red trail, everything was moving smoothly, a collage of great events pinned on it, memories of great value has been recorded. As I looked straight ahead, I found out that there is a clash, and before everything got tangled, I found myself on the orange trail, also amazing events filled with great happiness and adventures, and achievements that I am proud of, and in a blink of an eye I was on another trail. The yellow trail, filled with enthusiasm, positivity, and opportunities. Moving on to the symptom of this illness, as I was on the gray trail, I realized how I dwelled on it for so long that I broke the balance. Everything got tangled up, the gray string covered the other strings, basically hiding them.

I tied a knot, and tried to go back and untangle the strings but I found out that it is something that cannot be done, hence why William Gibson said, ” TIME MOVES IN ONE DIRECTION MEMORY IN ANOTHER”.

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