Plan B ?

A friend once told me, always have a plan B, now it’s not a bad tip, however the context that he used it in is. Lack of loyalty, trust, and respect may cause some conflicts in any relationship. Over the years of trekking through life, I have faced a lot, yet to whomever have wronged me, I had nothing to say nor do except for a smile and trying to grasp their lesson.

It is a story after all, whether you like to be part of it or not, it is up to you. When a chapter ends, a new one begins, and therefore, my dearest friend if you think that your part in my story is done, our memories can never be forgotten, I will cherish them, they are fun memories to be honest, with it’s ups and downs. The good thing about stories is that you can end a characters journey, or make an alternate universe with predictions of what could have happened. For someone that never wore a mask, nor did he ever hated anyone, I want to let you know that I am there for you if you ever needed me, when everyone leaves you. The friends that you brag about, have fun with them while it lasts, later you will know the difference.

Friends are the family that you choose, maybe I got somethings wrong, missed the facts, or simply ignored it.

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