Entering the mind palace, recollecting the memories grasping the slightest details, the signs that I have missed. This is my last resting place until I reach the next checkpoint, not until 260Km. It is okay to stop if your vision has been blurred or been distracted, take a break and reorganize your thoughts, see where you have gone wrong and take note of it so that in the future you could avoid it. It is not about how fast you reach your goal, it is about the journey.

The process that you go through, the little tasks that you accomplish, and the hard work you put in yourself to grow and thrive, learning new things, expanding your horizons in different fields, armoring yourself with knowledge and interpreting it in your life will change the way you live. The change that you have been looking for, the things that you wanted to do, but never gotten a chance to do them because there is something that you needed to change in your life for you to be able to accomplish it; it will all be clear to you once you have prioritized your goals. Learn that in order to achieve anything in life sacrifices has to be made, know your priorities, and proceed with your game plan, if you were able to line your dreams up in a straight line then your journey will be different, filled with great adventures from which you will thrive.

After Achieving your goals, do not stop there, but move forward, challenge yourself, so that you will never make room for regret.

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