Over Planning

As I reached a point where I over plan the things that I have already planned for, jotting down every detail, dividing it into manageable small tasks. Now you may wonder, what am I complaining about, well, an X in my life has a due date and I am aware of the result, yet I still make a snake game out of it, with every direction leads straight to the prize, given that there are a few alterations to the prize, however, it is a win either way.

The sun is fading away behind the mountains, the night is creeping in, and so I must take shelter. Organized my thoughts, refurbished the plan as many times I could until I finally gave in and slept with a smile. Into the realm of thoughts, my soul started to wander joyfully as my body rested, looking for the next step, out mapping the tasks, and looking over the sacrifices that I have to make in order to thrive. Every step along the way, I take in mind the sacrifices I made, and the time it took, irreplaceable time, which keeps me motivated and able to proceed with my journey.

A beautiful morning, fresh air, a bit windy, and the excitement for the journey increased as the air breeze blew through my hair; for the only view I could see is the road that shall take me to the place where X lies.

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