The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

The path has been forged, sacrifices have been made, for the final goal is far more important than anything right now. Walking down the path with the rules that I believe in, guiding me through my journey, helping me to not drift apart or get distracted. A new start, a fresh one, for the soul is not lost anymore; I have found myself, those long nights in the dark without any electronics distracting me from the confrontation. The confrontation that I have been ignoring, the constant battles that I get wrecked from, are now of the past.

In the dark, a series of questions have been asked and answered simultaneously, and a record passed to me of all the actions and conversations that have been taken, only then I came to know about the reality of things, and so everything became clear. I have been distracted a lot, I have my reasons of course but I have got everything figured out. A mere smile has turned into a smirk, I could see the light, the one they talk about “at the end of the tunnel”, however instead of me going towards it, it is rushing towards me chasing after the darkness, and there I let go of the darkness.

As the light strikes my eyes, the image of a beautiful road smacked in the middle of a garden of trees and flowers, I can smell the adventure the await, as I get excited and my heart starts to pump fast, I knew that the journey has begun.

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