The Revelation

Dear *****,
As the work piled up, and there is no way out; fear strikes, and therefore I have come to realize that the thing that was holding me back is none other than myself, I have been blaming others for my own flaws, and there it became easier for me to quit, for when fear strikes the slightest difficulty that crosses your path, the negativity takes over and I become vulnerable, and so I start to look for something or someone to blame for the things that I must accomplish but scared of the result, and so backing out was the solution.

There it goes, I was that pathetic person who is so afraid of failure that I avoid challenges when I am left alone, and so I do not even try. However, even in that, I have failed, thankfully. Thinking that avoiding the challenges will keep me safe, but soon I started to have feelings of pity and sadness about myself, teaching me that in order to grow challenges must be taken. I said that even in failure I have failed because in order to be a failure you constantly drive away from difficult situations, well that does not go well with me for I get myself into things and then I manage to finish them.

The moral of the story is pushing yourself to achieve your goals, even if it is far from your grasp, work hard, take on the obstacles, fight for your dreams and accomplish your goals. Do not give up halfway through, or when things get tough, learn to rest but never quit. Look how far you have come, and then you will realize that anything is achievable if you set your mind to it.

Yours Faithfully,

***** *******

P.S. Do not over plan ever, for that will make you procrastinate, then you will end up accomplishing nothing.

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