Starting Over

Standing on top of the mountain, breathing heavily, anxious, for I am about to start my journey. I am thankful for everything that has happened in the past, and for the friends that I have gained over the years, and I am thankful for the choices that I made, for I learned valuable lessons. Farewell to the past, farewell to the memories, and a new book shall unfold.

A new chapter is about to begin, as I start to descend from the mountain, heading towards the foggy forest, a long deserted path, that no one has walked on before, this time it feels the right one, and so I am creating my path here. It is a long road, and I am going to meet new people who shall take part in my journey, and then we will part ways for each one has their dream to follow.

Do not get caught in the moment because once you do you it will be hard to focus on your goal. There is time for everything, so enjoy life, but knowing how to prioritise, and having what it takes to stay focused, be presistent is what makes a difference.

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