The Intel I got about them was correct, according to the witnesses that I have questioned. I have to make sure, I want to see for myself if the accusations were true, for I have blindly trusted them. Trust has become worthless, for the humans have become more dangerous than ever, for they believe their own lies. Now, not only they are the dominant species, but each clan is trying to become dominant over the others.

I am going undercover, infiltrating their clan, investigating, trying to find the truth. Now that I feel like I am becoming one of them, I am disgusted for what I have become in order to seek the truth. How sad, I have figured that even inside the clan no one trusts each other, and so it became clear to me, how low we humans have become. The earth is tainted with greed, and cruelty, trust has become a myth.

Learn this my fellow human’s trust cannot be given, for it must be earned. It is of great value if you have found the one you could trust, for then life becomes easier because then everything will be shared by the two of you.

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