It Is Time…

Leaving, I am no longer welcomed here, nor will I let anybody hold me back, I am moving on. I packed my bags, and I am all set to begin a new chapter, or rather start a new story. Moving out is a great experience, it teaches you a lot of skills, and most importantly you mature and grow as an independent individual.

Deciding to ride the rollercoaster of life alone, is a big step that anyone could take; it means depending on yourself in everything, supporting yourself, paying the bills and making the right choices that shall take you closer to your goal. Embarking on a life journey, with a dream in your heart that you are trying to accomplish, and a plan that you are trying to implement into the unpredictable world.

You only know the final aspect of your journey, it is visible to your eyes, but the path that leads you to it is foggy. It is not the destination that is your reward but the lessons that you have learned, and the skills acquired along the way to it. Reaching it is just a bonus, think of it as getting the merit for completing the journey.

“There Is Still Hope”

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