We Are Our Own Enemies

A person may find life unbearable, always accompanied by life-shortening feelings; sadness and depression. This unfortunate state that they have reached is caused by either disappointment or making a big deal out of what happened.

Disappointment not only in oneself but also in relationships. The pain that is emitted from disappointment is so harmful that it eats you from the inside out, asking yourself questions that you have no answer for. The ones who hold the answer are those who have disappointed you and those who have already moved on, for they are wicked and treacherous. Your kind soul will suffer a lot if you do not learn how to control your emotions. Disappointment is a great lesson that lets you understand people more, do not make it a lifestyle. Learning from it shall expand your insight into human behavior. It makes you aware of the traps that they lay before you, the lies that slither out of their mouths and the poisonous promises that they spray on your heart. Making a big deal out of something that has passed, and is already in the past, you are just going to hurt yourself and waste your time on something that you cannot change. Pouring pain into your heart, hurting it for something you had no control over; simply put, you are just hurting yourself for nothing.

Life is filled with lessons that make us grow, become stronger, and that will make us unlock our full potential. As a wise man once said, do not imprison yourself in a cage that you have built, and do not create obstacles for yourself. Our thoughts can become our great enemy, if we are yet to control our emotions.

“There Is Still Hope”

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