Many of us want to change, want to become better than what we used to be; and so we become inspired to set up a plan in which we will fulfill our goal. The plan is set, the goal is divided into simple tasks, one task at a time, one becomes closer to accomplishing the goal. It sounds easy; however, being consistent and not drifting against the path is hard, for the plan is done all wrong from the start. Neglecting an important factor, the factor that is so crucial that no matter how good your plan is, it will never work; Outside influence.

Retrace your steps, go back to the beginning, to the point where you have determined to change, and look around you carefully, pay attention to the slightest of details that ignited the idea of change in your heart. Now look at your plan, you will find the error not in the plan, but actually in sticking to it.

Looking at your day, how it has been utilized, and the goals that keep on moving further away from you. A simple decision made without putting your goal into perspective could ruin your plan, do not worry not forever but the process may take longer than what you have planned for, and so regret becomes your companion until you have finally decided to put your foot down.

“There Is Still Hope”

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