“And So It Begins”

Pacing, I can no longer feel my feet, I am hovering. The thoughts are rising about everything that has or could have happened in the past if only certain events have gone differently; regret, I guess I am still stuck in the past. Drowning, in a series of fictional yet real events, with the imaginative power of a writer, an eyesight of a dreamer, and pain, I have been sucked away from reality. Stranded, in the darkness of my mind, a place where visions have been accumulated.

Watching the visions, continuously one after the other took a toll on my weakened soul, for most events were of great sadness and misery. The curse has returned, I can’t lose now, at least not yet, I have the strength. One more chance, to get myself together, to seek the truth, to do whatever I can to finish my journey, to finally make it, to the end of the tunnel.

I’ve finally made up my mind, I shall no longer hide nor run away from the truth no matter how much I want it to be false, I shall face it, for I can’t tolerate such actions upon my soul. Standing in the abyss of my mind taking in all the pain, feeling it as it tortures my body and wrecks my soul. I will survive, I am not going to back down now, I must rupture the dome of the past and get out of it, for I haven’t reached the final goal yet.

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