“Just Different”

Those who find comfort in being isolated from humans, those who don’t bother themselves about other people’s lives, who find true peace in nature and its inhabitants of plants and magnificent animals, and who get lost instantly in their own heads just by watching the horizon. They’re the only humans who’ve awakened their full potential and became one with their soul, and so they see the world differently.

As you awaken your full potential, and you become aware of your soul and accept it, or come into terms with it, everything will change; you will be able to foresee your future. Once you have seen how your future is going to turn out, your purpose in life becomes clear and you work so hard either to claim it, or try relentlessly to change your destiny it is not impossible but most of them have ended up quitting in the middle of their journey, for the pressure of them clashing with their souls is unbearable to those with weak determination. While the others who successfully have changed their future it is either by enslaving their souls and enduring the pain, or by fulfilling your purpose, upon their arrival to the future, and they have served their purpose, from there own they can make their own future.

The burden of becoming one with your soul is that you will find it difficult to fit in with the other humans, unable to socialize with them, for they see the world differently. The journey begins, as you’ve awakened your potential and became one with your soul, there are events no matter how hard and painful they are you must go through them all, more like tasks that shall take you closer to your future.

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