Without A Mask

A man so different than the rest, unique in everything that he does. He is different that everything he does gets criticized and sometimes judged as to why he is like this. However, the man could not care less, for his actions could never have hurt anyone. Nevertheless, the town continued their role as a coach for the man must conform into becoming one of them, but the man believed in his soul, and so their efforts has gone to waste. Unfortunately, the society took it upon themselves to make the life of this man who was true to himself a living hell.

The man was labeled with words none of which were true, and started making rumors about his personal life. They have entered his personal space, sabotaged his inner peace, and stabbed him with words so painful that he was about to unleash something evil, something that he was afraid of losing himself in it, and that was rage. The man ran away, as fast as he could, as if getting away from a killer, the man was trying to calm himself from all the anger, so that he could return back home.

The man has finally calmed down after hitting the trunk of tree until his hands became numb, and his knuckles were covered in blood. On the way home the man started to think as to why they were treating him badly when he never have offended anyone. Entering his apartment the man saw an old lady standing in front of his door, when he came up to her she said do not worry my child everything will be fine just do not lie to yourself, do not wear mask, do not hide who you are, be true, for only then will you be able to achieve and fulfill your purpose in life.

“There Is Still Hope”

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