Abandoned Soul

In a town filled with fakes, wearing masks, hiding their true soul behind the image that the society has created for them. Conforming became the new happiness or otherwise, you shall be shunned. Given choices, none of which the soul truly likes. The soul has been ignored, trying to please others selfish needs, and so the pain became harder to endure, and soon the soul started to give in to hatred.

Everything feels familiar, the air, the people, and even their actions became so predictable as if you are stuck in a story that repeats itself and never progressing. Fear ended when the soul gave in to hatred. Now that the soul has turned dark, the only way to feel nothing at all, shut down all emotions, and never have the anxiety of what others think about you; is to be true to yourself, find peace with who you really are, and believe in yourself, and as always work hard and do whatever it takes to achieve all your goals.

Rewriting the story, resetting everything, avoiding the mistakes, and most importantly do not ignore your soul, believe in what you would like to be and do if anything should be ignored is the opinion of the people who never understand and would like everything to go by their rules.

“There Is Still Hope”

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