It seems that I am still in the same loop, time is repeating itself, the situation has not changed. Returning back to the asylum, I was given a different cell but the sentence has not changed, I was an accessory in this dilemma where I had to choose between being selfish and selfless, and apparently, I had chosen wrongly, therefore I had been turned into a puppet.

In quarantine our meals consist of rules, that must be forced into your life, and if you try to violate their rules, you will be embedded with a chip of the rules that you have defied. In here, your soul does not belong to yourself, it belongs to the warden. Everything is slipped away from you, your life, your dreams, and your passion. They are manipulating us, trying to convince us of the privilege that they are offering, making us forget the sacrifices that we made in order for them to gain strength; our souls have been taken.

Happiness does not ring a bell, is it a myth, or is it a once in a lifetime experience that has not reached me it, and is not sure if it ever will.

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