Achieving Goals

I have built a great wall that separates me from the others, not that I am looking down on them or being narcissistic, it is far greater than that, it is known as limits. As many of you are aware, you can be whoever you set your mind to be, believing in yourself and your abilities to conquer the obstacles that present itself to you through your journey on the path that you have chosen.

No matter what they say, I have adapted not to listen for my dreams are far greater than to be shot at by their poor methods of negativity. Trying to tell me how crazy my dream is, aiming to bring me down, to give up like they did with their own dreams, such humans either has given up on their dreams or their environment slipped their dreams from them; for some have not got the privilege of choosing their own path, their paths have been chosen for them, in other words, they are being manipulated. Aiming for the final goal that I will achieve, I can perceive the rush of it all; the journey awaits.

All in all, create your own path do not make others choose who you are, embrace your differences, for we were created to live in harmony and peace, and if anyone defies who you are and what path you have chosen and as long as your path does not harm anyone, ignore them; for your happiness and dream is far more important than conforming to them just to belong. Sacrificing your dreams and happiness to please others is just another method of cruelty that mankind has established to spread hatred among themselves.

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