The Chronicles of Ay

Chapter 1

Please forgive me for I have sinned, A phrase that people use in order to redeem themselves from the misdeed that they have acted upon. However, in my case instead of mumbling about my sins out loud, I choose to take action, taking responsibility for what I have done, and only from there will I be able to fix it.

Starting to realize the causes of my misdeeds late, but it is better than not knowing and proceeding on the same deadly path. The journey has been postponed to further notice, for I need time, in order fix what I have broken, whilst for the path must be renovated into a beautiful path that I can see myself in, and be proud. I no longer shall follow the spirit of sadness, unfortunately, I have not got the time to waste on a mirage that even I cannot see it clearly. Isolation is not an option, and I will never ignore ever again nor will I ever run away from anything.

All in all, the time has come to take action and face the responsibilities for my action. I am becoming a better person than I ever was, I am an achiever I will never settle for average I am always at the top, I will never rest until I have achieved all of my goals.

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