A Cup Of Coffee

Coffee with its many choices, and whether it’s iced or hot, to some of you its just coffee. However for some of us out there, coffee is the thing that makes us who we are, hear me out on this. You see relationships can be made over coffee, and for the most part, it lets you escape the daily hassle of life, it takes you away to a more peaceful reality, where you can think and plan effectively for anything that you would like to accomplish in life.

In a book that I have read the writers opinion on the people who go to coffee shops a lot is that they have conformed and that they have no goals in life, for their only goal is to copy what others are doing. What the writer has missed is that a lot of meetings are being held in coffee shops. Aren’t they meeting to decide about a strategy to achieve their goals? Or are they just gossiping and having fun? Coffee shops are for anyone, for all the coffee lovers, from employees, students, its a place to think, have fun, and above all enjoying the coffee peacefully. A cup of coffee as simple as it sounds, its complex taste gives you relaxation, lets you be more alert, and on top of all it makes you think peacefully and lets you become more aware of opportunities that you might have missed.

All in all, coffee is a ritual for me, without it, I can’t possibly function. I’m exaggerating, I just love coffee that much.

“There Is Still Hope”

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