Change is inevitable, with the right amount of situations you get yourself into, you will earn great happiness and for the unfortunates out there you will learn a valuable lesson.

As it is known to everyone in life there are two roads; success and work in progress. If you have thought that it is success and failure, take a moment and think about the things that you wanted, have you accomplished them? if not, then you are in the tiny gap between success and work in progress, called failure, or as I like to call it giving up. Giving up is a dark path and not one that will make you cool, it will bring your ambition down anything that you would like to do, give up once and you will take it as a habit; it is addicting.

So to all of you out there do not give up on anything, even if it is not worth it, you started trying, then it is best to achieve it.

“There Is Still Hope”

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