Where It Began….

Writing is a passion, and a skill that must be honed in order to thrive. ِI dedicate my progress to the little kid who was fascinated by mystery crime fiction stories. The imagination of the writers makes him wonder even more trying to come up with different plot twists and endings.


In an era where the murders of Jack the Ripper took place, I shall take my soul to investigate, and to unravel the hidden truth.

It is said that a serial killer in 1888, who killed five, and was probably going to kill more, but was there a connection? Every victim is different than the other; the class or rank in society. The question that asks itself is whether there was anyone called Jack the Ripper or was it just an excuse to accomplish the sin of killing one another.

The press created a horrific story, as it witnessed a strange murder with no one to blame, and so they have created an imaginary killer and gave him the name that we know it; Jack the Ripper.

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