Entities Of A Vessel

Imagine the loss of something or someone that you really love and care about; it can be really hard to cope and move on. Trying to resolve, but finding the solution can be really difficult, for it requires great sacrifice. Moving on is not as easy as everyone thinks; it is the exact opposite. Meaning that you have to find peace with the loss and never look back unless to the happy memories to whom you have shared with. The pain here seems bearable, how about the one that you have lost is yourself?

Two beings shared one vessel; the soul and man. The essence upon which one can feel and determine right from wrong, have fled, it is not the first actually, it happened in the past, but with the correct amendment, the man managed to convince the soul to return back. The first incident which led the soul to flee its vessel was because of the demonic path that he was on, and also because it contradicted with the man’s own principles; it seems as though he was tricked or simply under a spell. The soulless man, along with the darkness in him, in isolation, in a cell, away from all the creatures; trying to figure out the mistake that he has made.

The oath has been broken, now that the man is on the same path but with the reincarnation of the demon that he was with. Change must occur if what the man is seeking is his soul. One cannot survive in a cell for a long time before he loses his mind. Restrained under a cruel ritual that made him break the oath between them; man and soul. In a stream of thoughts it came up to the man of what must be done in order to break the spell, compensate for the mistakes that he has caused, for the soul fled because of the pain that it has experienced, along with the man, but no more as the man pierced his rib cage and broke the wording so that the soul can return back to him safely without being controlled again.

“There Is Still Hope”

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