Bloody Daggers

Wandering around through nature, seeking its beauty. The soul isn’t fulfilled by the cruelty of mankind; their destruction and pollution are sickening, I’m retreating to the untouched island of the first human. The first land from which the humans spread like an epidemic disease without laying hands on its infrastructure as if it’s protected, worded so that humans won’t destroy it even if they could.

The island hid after the humans left, behind the hurricanes of the Atlantic ocean where the paranormal happens; the ships and planes get sucked into the grave, for no other than the pure and righteous can get to the island. Took the sea as I left mankind behind me with their daggers covered in my blood, the wounds aren’t healing from betrayal and their laughter as they proceeded with their cruelty not realizing the pain that they cause to one’s soul.

I am close, entering the fog, and soon the hurricanes appeared before the ship tearing it apart along with me. Washed on the shore of an island, not sure whether it is the one for the signs hasn’t yet appeared. The signs that shall let me pass through the barrier that is protecting it. The sun shimmering its rays towards my heart as if scanning it, looking for the slightest impurity; hatred, cruelty, and greed. The rays then clutched upon my soul, lifting me up as my body burnt to ashes, and inside the island, I was given a new vessel, a vessel that didn’t undergo through any sorrow nor betrayal.

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