Kindness, is it still a thing?

This looks familiar, the seals are broken, the cycle has started; the curse has been unleashed. I don’t understand haven’t I moved on? I am doing it again, falling into a wormhole of events that I already lived; the soul is shivering and the heart is squeaking for it was a hardship that requires sacrifice that no one bears.

Trapped, moving seems impossible, I am restrained. The chains are heavier and more powerful than before; it’s sucking my soul, I am shrinking. Through my journey I have met people who were on a quest to find happiness, given that I made it clear that happiness cannot be reached the way that they’re seeking it; for its a far complex thing than a destination, it is a spiritual experience can be achieved by having the characteristics of the righteous because only with these characteristics you will be able to endure the pain. For happiness comes with a great deal of sorrow; It makes everything around you as clear as a crystal.

Swiftly, the stream is taking me towards its bank, or that’s what I thought. It’s testing me, trying to manipulate me, asking me to change. In disappointment, the tears fled from the eyes screaming “we are worried about you not the other way around.” So it became clear: People have changed and so to cope I too must become one of them. A story that begins with misery always ends with misery, however, it can always be altered into a happy ending but only if you have peace of mind.

“There Is Still Hope”

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