Abyss Of Thoughts

That feeling never goes, not knowing your purpose, confused about the future. Tried living one day at a time, but when your mind starts to ask about the plan, mapping the future, outlining the tasks that shall carry me towards the future that I have never thought of, my soul seems clueless.

You may start to wonder whether this is depression or some other mental illness, believe me, it is not, for there are no meds that will tell you your purpose, it must be achieved or at least gifted; of course, that is what I claim to take the pressure off of my soul. A burden so heavy that I often get sucked into; trying to figure things out, unfortunately, all I found out was how much pain it causes. Tired of thinking and not being able to find out the purpose of my existence.

The day goes by without any progress, distractions everywhere, I am losing focus. Am I running from it, or is it running from me? Not sure, but what I am starting to realize is that the purpose is “finding it”.

“There Is Still Hope”

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