Over The Edge

Broken, yet again. How can I live with this, I cannot take it anymore. As pathetic as it sounds the miserable man who has seen nothing but misery since the moment he opened his eyes on this doomed planet we know as earth.

Continued murmuring as he picked up the pieces of his shattered life and tend to the wounds of his soul, and of course the forgotten heart that was stabbed by non-other than love itself. “Every time I smile or even try to be happy, the world finds a way to obliviate the happiness from my life, killing all of my feelings, however instead of making me numb, it shatters my entire existence with its deadly obstacles, that are more of a torture than an obstacle. Nevertheless, I pick up my shattered self and move on, or at least I try, but the world seems to be unsatisfied with me, and therefore, it strikes me with its claws shredding the already shattered pieces making it harder for me to live.

The signs are telling me that I should leave and that I do not belong; for I am wounded and unable to fulfill my purpose. So much for a purpose: enduring pain. An old fortress that was once unstoppable can now be destroyed with the slightest of a blow. “I am not giving up, not yet. I can still move on, but I am not sure if I can endure more, I think it will be that last….


“There Is Still Hope”

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