The Fallen Nation

Based on Experiment #1 by the scientist that goes by the name of Soul.

4 years have passed, chances were presented to all fallen creatures, yet the results have not changed drastically. It is the same, no matter what you do, you will always be disappointed, for most of the creatures share the same spirit since their spirits are related somehow, the characteristics that loathed by many, yet practiced by themselves; selfishness, hatred.

The chronicles of the wise are far from ending now since the tablet of the truth is lost. Lost in the ocean where the paths of demons and humans cross each other. The wizard took the ocean tracking the tablet’s energy pinpointing its exact location, which appeared to be exactly where he feared it to be, in the hands of the unworthy beast whom now controls all humanity.

Now that the beast has the tablet, chaos shall pass upon the humans, hatred now runs through their veins not forgetting their cruelty, to begin with, greed rose bestowing selfish acts that shall bring pain to others, and here by others I mean the environment, animals, and the righteous people whom are struggling to survive in this world.

“There Is Still Hope”


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