Reaching Hands



Thought that I would not be able to come out of this hole, for I have fallen many times, with each fall the wound becomes deep, and the spikes at the end of the hole pierce through my body as it captures my soul and decimates my body. Each time I get closer, I lose focus and begin to tremble, as I get pulled into my head. A series of thoughts that I must live through, for the damage that I took is far greater than I can endure on my own.

In my head, re-living what has already happened to me, and being able to see what I could not see before for I was too kind to realize their evil intent: they were hiding behind a mask. As much as I learn from this phenomenon, and as it tries to let me know that I must return to who I am, return to the path and leave everything behind, I never thought that I would stick for this long, but soon I shall be forced to leave against my will. I wanted to get back to the path, and continue my journey towards the final goal, I thought that I had time on my hands and that I will eventually get there; however, time became limited. I cannot leave, at least not yet. Attached to them, a characteristic that I am not proud of having for it caused me a lot of pain and burned the happiness out of my soul, for some creatures have a thing for betrayal and backstabbing. Luckily, in the end, I have found them, ones that I could count on, and have my back when I fall. Skipping through the thoughts as it tries to make me realize that I am drifting away from the path and that I must reach the final goal.

As I was climbing out of the hole, I felt the sickness as it travels through my veins, and the weak bones that crack with every move I take. Exhausted, yet I am trying to survive, but the odds were against me as my hands started to lose its grip, I felt that my time has been rescheduled, and so I succumbed and tried to let go when their hands reached me and pulled me out of my misery, and I am thankful and grateful for them ever since.

“There Is Still Hope”

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