The Choice is Yours !

My weary body cannot take any more damage. I am a wreck. My soul is beginning to fade with every cruelty that it experiences, thought that if I endured the pain I would become powerful, but it was too much for my vessel and its inhabitant.

Every step I walk I could feel my body tearing apart, with every breath I take, I could taste the blood in my throat; of all the things that I have decided to suppress and never express; for it will do no good to anyone. The feelings are eating me alive. Feeding upon the goodness of my heart, for I have never hated nor been cruel to anyone. For the path that I have chosen forbids such evil sins to be committed. Broken like a shattered glass, to thousands of pieces, pieces of my life gone to waste, although it is not impossible to fix, I have decided to give up, for life has given up on me a long time ago.

In the chronicles of misery, the boy wrote, about those who deserved better than this earth, that is filled with cruelty and hatred. To all those who suffered, there will be a time when you will come to realize that everything you went through was just an unpaved path towards your dream.

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