The Curse Of The Righteous

I’m leaving you all behind, the righteous man screamed with despair. Where are you headed, the creatures spoke, with a tone of compassion, that was recognized by the righteous man as a joke, for they are devious and can be deceivable.

Packing all his belongings into a bag and dashed towards the horizon, without any destination in mind, he thought that his righteousness would take him somewhere better, somewhere peaceful. Although, he never knew that he would end up imprisoned for helping someone out, helping someone who seemed to be in a difficult position, bleeding. Unfortunately it was a trap done by the creatures to gain money from whoever tries to patch up the bleeding guy. Later at night he was bailed out by an old lady, whom seemed to be knowledgeable of the curse that follows the righteous.

The righteous and pure hearted, seem to fall into a chain of difficult situations because of them thinking that everyone around them to be pure hearted and righteous and that they cannot be deceivable nor devious; for they think good about all creatures. As soon as the righteous man realized that no one can be trusted, and that in order to survive he has himself, the book, and the long journey ahead.

“There Is Still Hope”

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