Chapter: 1214161718

What is trust? How can one be so stupid, for the repetition of the same sin towards my soul, is wearing me down? Is it simply because of the nature of my heart, that I would think good of everyone, or is it desperation? Another quest shall be taken in order to end the cycle of this misery, towards the Darkness I head, seeking the truth, the ultimate solution that shall put an end to this pathetic situation.

I am coming home, returning back to the place where I can rest and find peace, going back to the place where no betrayal and no pain can be done. I have come a far way, where I thought I would never ever need to go back, thought of taking every challenge on my way without turning back, but I have failed, and here I have passing through the memories, walking past my achievements that I have conquered, with every checkpoint I reach, the memories play in my head, trying to tell me to move on and never give up, comforting me, asking me to proceed with my journey even though the odds are against me.

At last, I have reached home, to the safest place on the surface of the earth; the Darkness. The voices started to whisper calming my soul, tending to my wounds. As the process of healing takes time, I ought to think about the obstacle that blocked my path, not only once but many. The curse is an annual event, occurs every year, does not have a fixed date yet it has a great effect upon the soul of I. For the deed that has taken place is far greater for the soul to endure, nor the heart has the capacity to forgive. As soon as I realized that I am becoming one of them I returned back to find closure and then proceed with my path.

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