The Warlocks

In the 1990s, the societies have encouraged people to read in order to fight ignorance and in order to maintain a highly educated society. However in a small village behind the mountains a group of people, a cult if you will, whom took an author as an idol, not worshiping him of course, but they took his writings as if it is true.

They called themselves “warlocks”, following the grimoire that they have found on the doorstep of their library. Since the library has been under maintenance for the past decade or so the library was empty except for the grimoire who was written recently by the warlock himself who manipulated the villagers into trusting him and believing what is in the book. Before the book has been written the warlock in his mansion, orating a ritual that summons beings superior to himself and with his offering, they accepted to teach him spells and magic with symbols, talismans, amulets, potions, and rituals to enter another realm. Therefore he has traveled through time and pierced with his spells the universes, and so he wrote his adventures in spells and codes and into an enchanted book that presents these symbols to the eyes of humans as a story to lure them and trick them until it became an obsession.

A noble nomad came to the village based on a story that he has heard in a bar of a village that is cursed with a book, and that it is inhabited by demons and what attracted him to this village was the fact that outsiders cannot comprehend the book and so they end up either dead or lose their minds. In order to unlock the mystery, jack the wanderer asked their leader of this cult that he is sick of traveling and would like to settle in this village; the warlock told him that he must undergo some trials to see if he fits in this abnormal culture. The warlock asked the wanderer to swear that he will be loyal to the cult and that what he learns from the elders would only be used for the good of the entire human race.

After a few months, Jack became aware of the war that this village has started upon the human race; for the warlock had betrayed the beast who taught him everything, his master. The warlock found out that the beast was manipulating him to fulfill his plans to annihilate the humans, for what they have done to his race in the past. Therefore, the warlock rebelled and started teaching the villagers magic and spells to protect the humans and themselves from the evil beasts that roam beneath us and between the mountains.

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