Silver Lining ?

Life happened and everything is starting to fall into place, the vision that I had is still fading, but the imprint that it left on my soul is hazardous; as it starts to take me away from now and then, implying that its work has not yet been done and there is more. A clear vision, now that I can foresee how I am going to end up; the future is not so dark after all (T.W.O.T.E, 1998).

It is strange how you can become alive when you have been in the shadows, empty from the inside, and so the prolonged journey of the breathing corpse has ended. Life sometimes controls our time, preventing us from doing what we love, taking us away from our passion. However, in return you will achieve something that you have always wanted and that will help you to survive in this world, it is an opportunity cost that we would not have chosen for ourselves, neglecting its benefits and complaining about how it can be a struggle without even trying it, nor thinking about challenging ourselves.

All in all, you can still manage to do the things you love and practice your passion, even though you think that you have not got the time to do so. You see prioritizing here is the key to managing your life, of course, you will need to have time management skills in order to go through with your plan.

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