The Fallen Warrior

Chapter One

In the past, before we humans roamed the earth, different beings were created and they were called the beasts. The beasts were cruel and they kill anyone who comes in their way even if it was one of their own, but mostly the animals and trees. They brought destruction upon the earth, and with pools of blood all over the earth, an infectious disease spreads like a flock of flies.
The healthy beasts burnt the sick and continued roaming the earth to cause destruction, up until a warrior, one of their own became of an age and was blessed with a gift of a righteous heart, with a mission to stop his ancestors from ruining the earth. The warrior tried convincing his clan to stop their wrath upon the earth and told them that the earth is a beautiful place and filled with mysteries, therefore we must not take it for granted, for only peace and righteousness could withstand such beauty. They shunned him away and told him if he was ever in their way they would not hesitate to end his life on earth and send him to the purgatory. The warrior replied, in time you will understand the will that has been sent to me and I am leaving for the punishment is about to be sent if you do not stop your killings and destruction, and so he left with great remorse and sadness for his clan is about to be annihilated.
Years have passed and the punishment is yet to be done upon those whom are ruining the earth and its resources. The warrior could not wait anymore and took it upon himself to end his clan once and for all. He stalked them and until they were in line and as soon as the darkness covered the earth and before the stars could light up the way he started assassinating one after the other except for their leader, the elder beast; he was nowhere near the clan, the warrior continued his search for the elder beast, but in despair, he failed. At the end of the canal, the warrior stood seeking answers, and what he was enlightened with did not satisfy him, for he has sinned.
The tale of the beasts rests within the journal of the warrior, titled The Fallen Warrior.

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