The End Of Darkness


Now that I have severed all bonds; for it is a torture to witness their cruelty. Wandering around peacefully along the endless road of life, shockingly not waiting for the end, but rather looking forward to the future that awaits.

In my healing process, I have begun meditating to understand life better and to gain peace of mind from all the thoughts that accumulate in my head. Organising the thoughts, ideas that seemed random at first, unable to understand; flowing rapidly one after the other, it was overwhelming. Clarity, the thing that I thought was impossible to achieve, now I know better; only you can decide whether you will be able to achieve something or not. The nightmares have gone, disappeared, but left behind valuable lessons. I will no longer let myself undergo the same mistakes, for it is not their fault alone, I assisted in a way that I could never imagine would hurt me. Kindness, when given to someone that does not deserve it, becomes a victim of their cruelty.

I have changed, I am no longer the victim. A new chapter shall begin, beautiful lessons will be given that shall help you in your journey of life.

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