A Writer Of Dreams

A lot of you may wonder how stories are written, and how the writer was able to think or rather create a world of his own with characters, time zone, and a protagonist for that reality with connections between all the characters, we must not forget the epiphany, too. All have their own way of writing stories, or books; for some, the ideas just run through their heads and they write it down in notebooks, and some write based on their real-life experience. I personally prefer writers who write based upon their experience, for it touches the heart right away, and it makes you impatient about what will happen in the next chapter as soon as you close the book.

A writer of dreams is someone who could come up with all five elements of a story (characters, setting, plot, conflict, and resolution) while daydreaming, or when bored. As remarkable as this, sometimes the writer experiences difficulties in writing all the details of a story all at once, so to make it count, summarizing it into a short essay saves the writer from forgetting the meaning of the story. In books, there are many genres from journals, diaries, drama, horror, mystery, science fiction, etc. For writers of dreams, their books/stories often have signs of sadness which usually fade along the story with hope and faith.

A single thought complemented with the right imagination, you could create a whole new reality, you just have to let your mind go wild on its own. No harm is done, diving into different realities of your own creation, it is fun….

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