Have Pride In Who You Are !

A Captive Of Society

Chapter One: Pages 1-2


Purity is found in all of us, but only few remain unpolluted, for all the rest are stuck in an endless puppet show; for they never fought for themselves, never tried to be themselves, and so they accepted their fate……

It is unbearable, the feeling is coming back, and the voices are louder than ever, they are trying to manipulate me, convince me to do things, persuade me to be myself and be free. Free from the clutches of society, the chains squeezed my skin, as I once escaped, now the chains are thicker and heavier. The warden with his magical potions experimenting on me, trying to come up with the ultimate spell to turn me into one of his puppets.

The voices rapidly reject the potions, and so he turned to his black book of spells and casted a powerful spell that the voices had to make me enter a state of unconsciousness to wear it off. After years of being held captive in one of the facilities the doctors had given up and so they have tortured me daily, but I could not give them, the only thing that separates me from them humans; it is my unique and true self that I am proud of, I do not follow nor lead, therefore, I create my own way. Weary unable to move, as the hammer cracked my bones and the hooks clutched into my skin. In a huge wheel, I was tied and I could feel the skin tear apart with every turn the wheel takes.

At the time, I ought to give up, for there is nothing to do that shall break me free; however, the voices fiercely told me, “there is nothing that could to stop us, but only if you believe.” So I believed even though the odds were against me, and there was no chance for me to break free from their hooks, but somehow I managed to disappear….

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