Here’s another story from the book, a boy fell from the sky with a powerful vision that ceases their lies and a soul so pure that it feels guilty once their cruelty rises; humans.

Looking up at the ceiling, the kid wished to never see again. The chandelier blow up, for the sin that he has committed is far greater than the cruelty of those who were shaken off of humanity, and turned into beasts. Beasts that never have thought that someone will be able to witness their true colors and play along. They have mastered the ability of the devil, and like a chameleon, they shift colors to best fit the scenario, or rather to buy the hearts of their own cult.

The kid’s soul felt guilty for their actions toward him, for he never harmed them in any way, but beasts never really ought to understand the meaning of friendship nor love. The kid played along trying to make a change into their lives, tried to guide them, but in despair, all he got was their cruelty shunning away light that he tried to present to them, a chance for repentance, or rather a new beginning.

It’s true what they say, with a great gift comes great responsibility, the kid consumed with sadness and sorrow for the cruelty of those who are surrounding him has already manifested into their body and soul. There must be a way to make them see, to what state they have fallen into, and how they became the beasts that they are. The kid for years tried restlessly, but without any progress; however, he never gave up and continued his path, helping those whom are infected by the beasts, those whom have a chance in recovering to their neutral state, cured from any hatred and cruelty, whilst turning to the untreatable patients, trying to come up with a cure; a way to help them return back to the way they used to be, kind and honest.

“There Is Still Hope”

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