Soul, Monster and I

We all have a monster within our bodies, some of which are trapped behind our souls, observing, waiting to regain its strength from the cruel creatures to break free and unleash its full potential. On the other hand, some of us were able to tame these vulgar creatures that are sharing our vessel. The weak humans will be conquered as soon as the monster takes control and unleash the evil that it has gained over the years and soon the soul will be shoved far away into the abyss, scared, shivering, and unable to move; for the power that has been unleashed into the body is the unstoppable wrath of hatred.
We were born together, we shared every memory the good and bad, whilst the monster favored the bad memories and fed on them and grew faster, and slowly pushing the pure soul away, or rather poisoning it. It reminds the soul of what has been done to it, reminding it of all the cruel things that have happened, blaming the soul for everything. Filled with guilt the soul soon realized what should be done in order to not become weak. At the nursery they were able to identify me for who I am, they saw right through me, they saw the emptiness, they saw the shattered pieces of my beloved soul, and so they waited for me until it was our nap time, to grab me and lock me up in the chamber where they performed their rituals on me, trying to bring my soul back.
For years they have kept me in the chambers thinking that they will be able to cast the evil spirit away and make my pure soul return back to its vessel; however, their plan never worked and never will, for the monster and I are one.

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